We’re looking for Partners

Because of 9/11 we haven’t been able to fly our huge airplane banner where we want and need to be effective.
So we’re going small with the help of an army of our friends.

Be a paid partner and put your Whata Lotta Sticker on.

We’re asking our friends to partner with us by putting our Logo sticker on the back of their cars and they can get up to 6 large pizzas a year anyway they want them absolutely FREE.

We designate 6 days a year when anyone coming to our store with the sticker on the back of the car they come in, gets a FREE large speciality pizza or any other pizza of their choice.

(Limit one pizza per stickered car per Sticker Day.)

Our Banner was 36 feet high and 110 feet logn so we would need to have an army of 35,640 cars to replace it.

35,640 cars might be a bit ambitious, but the Dodgers, Lakers & Angels do it and those people pay for the stickers.

Our Logo is better and so is our pizza

Whatalotta Pizza