Wala Rap Song

We’re not like the others; you know the really big four
We give our people better, we give our people more.
They say they are better, they say theirs is fresh
Try one of ours and let your taste be the test

We don’t get our mushrooms from South Viet Nam
And their sauce would be better if left in the can
We don’t buy from China, or either Peru
We buy all American and then serve it to you

Even our sliced mushrooms blow theirs away
We pay extra for them to keep it that way
Their sausage is loaded with Soy bean filler
Our sausage is pure, just ask the pig’s killer

Our Hawaiian pizza is like a Luau in your mouth
Go ahead and try theirs; it’s like eating your couch
We make our dough fresh every single day
They truck theirs in frozen from far, far away

They add water to cheese so they can freeze it for now
Two weeks before we serve ours, it was still in the cow
Their pizzas are fried in pans topped with grease
And yet, they advertise that theirs is healthy and cheap

For as good as they are, they should be given away free
Yet people still buy them, for reasons beyond me
They go to great lengths to cut every corner

We have specials like Pastrami, pickles & mustard
To keep you confused they change prices each day
We have a conscience; we won’t do business that way

Whatalotta Pizza